Baby It’s Cold Outside

While those of us in the Queen city dodged the proverbial bullet this weekend with the snow that hit our neighbors to the North, we certainly didn’t miss the onslaught of frigid temperatures.

If you haven’t taken the time to check your home for leaky windows and doors, you need to get on that stat.  Finding the culprit is a lot easier than you think.  All you need to do is wait for a breezy day and then slowly move a candle around your window and door frames.  If the candle flame flutters or blows, you’ve found your energy leak.  Once you’ve found the leaks, you can easily and quickly fix them with simple steps and tools.

Weather Stripping
Every doorway that leads outside, as well as every window in your house should be sealed with weather stripping. A package usually costs around $3 and comes in a variety of widths, from ¼ inch to ¾ inch or more. The underside of window sashes should have a strip, as well as the outside edges of screen doors and sliding glass doors. For doors that lead to a utility room or a garage, make sure your threshold is weatherproofed with either weather stripping or with caulk, or with a rubber stop or gasket that can be placed against the base.

Rubber Gasket Strips
Rubber gasket strips are made for the bottom and tops of garage doors, which will help keep out large drafts that find their way inside your home.

Clear Plastic Sheeting
Interior sheeting kits are becoming more and more popular in cold areas of the country. This plastic sheeting, which looks like Saran Wrap, comes in a roll that you spread over your window and then attach with double sided sticky tape and then warm with a blow dryer.

Use caulk to seal around outside vents, including the one that hooks to your dryer hose. Fill any cracks around outside vents that are less than ½ inch in width. You should also caulk around window trim and edgings to ensure a tight seal against drafts.

Insulation Foam
Use this spray foam to fill spaces between baseboards and walls, as well as in screened patios and anywhere you feel a draft seeping in rooms from the area where walls meet floors. You can also use insulating foam to fill holes for television and telephone cables, as well as outside faucets.

Taking a day out of your time will definitely be worth it when you see the reduction in your energy bill. Do it now before old man Winter really starts to bear down on our area!


Lara Taylor – Realtor/Broker

Twitter – @AskForLara





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