A home security system can do more than just protect your home. It actually can increase its overall value and help reduce insurance premiums. But best of all it will make your home (for sale) even more attractive to potential buyers.

People want to know that their new home will provide safety and security. And there are three things that you can do – and that interested home buyers are looking for – that will appeal to their need to feel safe and secure.

The first thing serious buyers look for when shopping for a new home is a modern, high-tech alarm system. Due to the correlation between declining economies and rising crime rates, more and more people are putting their faith in alarm systems to protect their home and family from threats. Some systems include monitors that scan the home for smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide as well as intruders.

The second key element is reinforced locks on all doors, including automatic garage doors. Since the front door is the entry point most often used by thieves, having heavy, durable dead-bolt locks is highly recommended. Also invest in slide lock protection for any sliding-glass doors – a frequent point of entry for burglars.

Police statistics show that over 90 percent of all home burglaries could have been prevented and that 60 percent of them happen through unsecured doors and windows. So, whichever types of door and window locks you’ve got, don’t forget to use them!

Finally, burglars look for places to hide and an easy escape route when considering which home to rob. Overgrown bushes and trees that are too close to your house will provide natural coverage for thieves and also can give them leverage to access upper windows and other entry points. Maintain a free and clear view of your home from the street. Make sure all trees, bushes and shrubs are trimmed and not obscuring windows or doors. Not only is this more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of window-shopping buyers in search of maximum curb appeal, but it also will make your home a safer and more secure place to live.

Maintaining, updating or upgrading your home security systems is a safe and secure investment. And by doing so, some homeowners even find that their properties are selling faster than they had anticipated and for more than they initially expected.

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Lara Taylor – Realtor/Broker


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Lara Taylor is a professional Realtor located in Charlotte, NC. Offering luxury homes, starter homes and vacation homes, buyers and sellers both will find everything they need with Lara. Proud to represent Remax Executive.
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