Choosing Your All-Green Color Scheme

At the top of just about every list of improvements that will make your home (for sale) more appealing to potential buyers is a new coat of interior paint. When preparing your home for sale, it’s best look at it from a buyer‘s point of view and make choices that will appeal to their sensibilities. And nowhere is that more important than in choosing which colors of “green” paint to use.

Color My World
While some buyers might appreciate bold red walls, lighter more calming colors are found to be most appealing and can actually make a space appear larger. You want to make choices that will entice people to buy your home. Selecting just the right color palette can make all the difference in the world.

Of course this doesn’t mean you should just paint all of the rooms beige before putting your house on the market. In fact, that could have the opposite effect, making your home (for sale) appear rather “Plain Jane” – especially one that’s under-furnished or lacks architectural detail. Ideally, you want to choose colors with just the right combination: neutral enough to present a blank canvas but interesting enough to add some character.

In her article entitled “The Best Interior Paint Colors for Resale” Yvonne Van Damme shares some sage (and beige!) advice on painting your home (for sale) to sell! I suggest you read her article, but here’s the gist of it:

Sage Green: The Wisest Choice!lara taylor real estate charlotte nc
Sage green is a color that promotes resale value in a home. According to design psychologist Constance Forrest, light-spectrum research showed that people who were exposed to green colors were in higher spirits than those exposed to other colors. Green represents nature and is both soothing and calming. Out of all of the shades of green, sage green is the most ideal interior paint color to use for resale. Generally speaking, anything considered a medium color of green is good. However, loud lime-green or hunter green should be avoided.

Buttery Yellow: A Popular (Not Corny!) Option!
An almost universally safe color for your interior is a soft, warm, buttery yellow. Warm colors are inviting and tend to make the home feel cozy and comforting. People respond well to the color yellow.   It represents joy and happiness as well as optimism. Yellow creates an inviting atmosphere and will lift the mood of potential home buyers. And yellow walls will look lovely with white trim!

Cream: Tastefully Rising to the Top!
When buyers are touring your home they want to be able to picture themselves living there. Cream is the ultimate neutral color and won’t offend buyers’ sensibilities. Painting the walls a cream color will enhance the functional aspects of your home (for sale) and add light to any room. If you have a lot of windows, the incoming sunlight will make cream walls glow!

Beige: Accessorize It to Maximize It!
Many still consider beige the safest color to use for the interior of a home for sale. It’s a warm color that makes the home appear large and welcoming. One of the reasons for the popularity of beige is that it doesn’t clash with most color schemes. With beige walls you can use accessories – such as throw pillows and area rugs – to add color to the room. It’s also the perfect color for showcasing art pieces and prints. Although beige is a safe color, it does not have to be boring!

We’ll start with some procedures next week.. first up – how to strip your walls.



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