Curb Their Enthusiasm!

The first impression people get when they look at a house is what we call curb appeal. Curb appeal is especially important when trying to sell your home because buyers are looking for something that will set their new home apart from the rest.  Lara Taylor Charlotte NC Real Estate

While the landscaping and plants on your property play roles in curb appeal, the main attraction is the color scheme of your home for sale. If you decide to re-paint your home instead of pressure washing (see my previous blog), then choosing the right colors can make a huge difference at closing.

The Psychology of Exterior Colors
Take the sales price of your home into account when deciding on your palette. Muted, complex shades of certain colors tend to attract wealthy or highly-educated buyers, whereas buyers with less income or education generally prefer simpler colors. Complex colors contain tints of gray or brown and usually require more than one word to describe them.  Like “sage green” or “buttery yellow” as opposed to just green or yellow for instance. On the other hand, simple colors are straightforward and pure, and houses in the lower price range generally sell faster and for higher prices when painted in simple colors.

In the Neighborhood
When getting ready to paint your house, look at the colors of neighboring houses and try to choose colors that harmonize with the others, yet still stand out. Using  colors that clash badly with the other houses can detract from the neighborhood’s overall look. And consider your selling season (the time of year when you’ll be marketing your home) and climate when choosing colors also. Use cool blues, greens, and grays to sell during spring and summer, and warm yellows, reds, and maroons when selling in the fall and winter.

The “Shady” Science of Design Psychology
Several years ago Professor Jeanette Fisher, author of “Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars”, “Joy To The Home” and other books wrote that “Homes with yellow exteriors sell the quickest.”  But which shade of yellow sold best?   First, according to Jeanette, there were yellows to be avoided: “Yellows with green undertones look sickly to most buyers, and yellows with orange undertones give buyers an impression of cheapness.”

The best-selling yellow exterior color was actually a pale, sunny yellow, “especially when complimented with one or more carefully-chosen accent colors,” according to Fisher. “For instance, a semi-gloss white trim will give your home a clean and fresh look.  And adding a third color, such as green, can make your home even more attractive to prospective buyers,” she added.

Colors affect human beings in many ways, and applying some principles of “color psychology” to your home (for sale) can make it stand out from the competition, sell more quickly, and at a higher price.


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