More To Curb Their Enthusiasm!

Giving your home (for sale) lots of curb appeal is especially important during a down real estate market and will go a long way toward selling it faster. Besides just the house itself, the lawn, the landscaping and walkways can either enhance or detract from the character (and value) of your property.

People are drawn to houses that fit their tastes,
and two similar homes – one with curb appeal, the other without – will fare differently lara taylor realtor charlotte ncwhen it comes to attracting buyers. Here are four sure things that buyers are looking for and more ways to increase the curb appeal of your home to attract them.

Walk This Way
The walkway from the sidewalk, or driveway, to the front door should be smooth with no cracks or uneven rifts that could cause someone to trip. Potential buyers will see this as work they would have to do themselves after they purchase the home. The fewer potential home improvement projects they see the better. If your walkway is in really bad shape, consider replacing it with an appropriate – and curb appealing – new concrete, stone or brick walkway.

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Modesty is the best approach when creating colorful, low-maintenance gardens to increase the curb appeal that will help sell your home. You don’t want massive gardens because some potential buyers may be turned off by just the thought of maintaining such a project. Smaller, easily managed gardens will show gardening enthusiasts that plants can thrive on the property. And those who like flowers or shrubs but aren’t big on planting and gardening will be glad that the work has already been done for them.

Splendor Is the Grass
Even if your landscaping isn’t fancy, a well-maintained lawn and garden will show potential buyers that you take pride in your property. It also lets them know that they won’t have to do much work to combat weeds in the grass or overgrown shrubs once they buy your home. They can simply pick up where you left off with the lawn and garden care to maintain it themselves.

A Thing as Lovely as A Tree
Trees add aesthetic as well as financial value to a property. This is especially true for mature trees that can provide cooling shade in the summertime. If you don’t have any trees on your property already, plant some. This can go a long way in helping buyers see the potential of your home for sale in the years to come.

Seeing Is Believing
The whole idea behind increasing the curb appeal of your home is to get buyers to want to see more. And then, the more they see, the more they will believe that your home(for sale) is the home that they should buy.


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