Winter Wonder Landscaping & Gardening

It may be hard to believe that Spring is just around the corner…especially when you look out at the frozen tundra that has run many a garden asunder this winter. But Spring will come, and with it the April showers that bring May flowers.  Until then, there are several things you can do that will add interest – and curb appeal – to the winter landscapes and gardens of your home for sale. Charlotte Real Estate Lara Taylor

Focus on the Focal Points
One of my Twitter tweets this past week contained a link to an article that had this suggestion for creating cold-weather appeal to any garden. In case you missed it, here’s a recap: Focal points can be a  sculpture, boulder, decorative container or garden structure that is used to create year-round interest within a landscape or garden.  These can range from a subtle bird bath or bird feeder to a dramatic pond, a waterfall, or an arbor.  The focal point will be the center of attention when surrounded by the beauty of blooms and blossoms and remain the main attraction during the dormant winter season.

Evergreens Are Forever
Evergreens add color to the landscape all year round regardless of how cold the temperatures or severe the winter weather gets. And even a bare, deciduous tree will make it’s own colorful impression against a backdrop of green.  For a splash of winter color that will bring structure and style to any landscape, consider going evergreen.

There’s Something in the Air
“Never underestimate the winter fragrances that can lure you outdoors, even in cold weather,” says garden author Marianne Binetti.  There are yellow and orange varieties of witch hazel that emit their sweet fragrance regardless of how cold it gets outside.  And some fragrant plants can do double-duty. in the garden.  Sweet Box for example, infuses a pleasant vanilla scent to the air and also produces black berries that provide additional color and pizazz to the garden.

But one thing’s for sure, sprucing up your winter garden just may set you apart from the competition and leave you smelling like a rose!

Oh, and speaking of roses – Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends, family and clients!!



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