Best Bets for Moving with Pets

Moving can be both exciting and scary for most people. For pets however, moving may elicit only fear. Whether it’s your dog or cat, a bird or a ferret, moving will mean having to get used to an entirely different home filled with strange sights, new smells, and unusual sounds.

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Your pets should have a veterinary check-up prior to moving.  Be sure to obtain your pet’s records to give to your new veterinarian.

Don’t forget to get new ID tags with your new address and phone numbers and put them on your pets! Pets are more likely to “run away” from, or be unable to find their way back to, an unfamiliar location. If your pet has an ID implant, update that information as well.

For out-of-state moves contact the State Department of Animal Husbandry or the State Veterinarian about entry regulations for your pets. Almost every state has entry laws for most animals except tropical fish. Hawaii, for example, requires a 120-day quarantine for dogs and cats that have just moved from another state. Certain municipalities have stringent requirements or restrictions regarding pet ownership. You may need permits or registrations in your new town.

No Need for Petrified Animals

The very process of moving can mean long hours in transit either surrounded by strangers or in unfamiliar surroundings, and perhaps both. This can be very traumatic for any animal.  But there are some things that you can do to minimize any sense of terror in your Terrier, anxious feelings in your feline, or fear in your ferret.

Although moves are disruptive, stick to your pets’ routine as much as possible by maintaining a regular sleeping, feeding, exercise, and play schedule.

A few days before moving, choose a small room in the house to be your “pet room.” Tape a sign to the door that says “Pets: Do Not Open.”  Make sure the sign is loud and clear enough to be easily seen and read by all friends, relatives, and movers coming in and out of your house. Move all pet bedding, litter boxes, food, water bowls, favorite objects and toys into this room. Also introduce the carriers that will be used to transport your pets. Leave the carrier doors open so pets can adapt to them before travel day.

As an alternative, ask a neighboring friend to house your pets during the last few days or consider boarding dogs and cats at a local kennel until moving day.



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