Moving With Elderly Parents (Part 2)

Moving to a new home often means having to part with items that it has taken years to accumulate.  Sorting and packing to move can be an especially hard and emotional process for anyone. And it can be even more so for an elder who has collected even more stuff over many more years. lara taylor real estate charlotte nc

Take it slow. Treat your loved ones, their possessions, and their feelings about them with tender loving care during this time. It can be difficult to let go of the past when there aren’t as many years ahead to look forward to. Sometimes wanting to hold onto an item isn’t about the item itself; it’s more about the memories associated with that item and the sentimental value attached to it.

With that in mind, let’s get back to our final five suggestions…

6. Take it one room at a time. Start with the easier rooms and work your way up. Some rooms, such as bedrooms and those filled with family heirlooms and photos, can be more emotionally packed and therefor take longer to pack than others. Save them for last if at all possible. And take some time to enjoy the process.

7. Help them sort things out. Deciding what to take and what cannot be taken is often the hardest part of moving and can be especially so for a senior. Allow them make their own decisions as much as possible. Try to help them make the difficult choices about what to keep and take with them by suggesting alternatives such as giving some items to loved ones or donating them to charity.

8. Set aside some sentimental items to take along with you. Instead of packing them for the movers, think about adding a few small, precious items like a framed photo or a sentimental curio to bring on your trip,  (in addition to a change of clothes and toiletries!). That way your parents can have the comfort of these items right away when they arrive at your new home.

9. Choose your moving company carefully. Make sure you choose a moving company you are comfortable with and that understands the special needs of older family members.

10. Talk with your mover. It’s a good idea to have a conversation about any special needs with your moving agent ahead of time. If your move involves any medical equipment, be sure to ask what can and cannot be shipped. For example, for safety and legal reasons, oxygen tanks cannot be shipped unless the valve has been removed by a professional.

Use any or all of these Ten Suggestions (not commandments!) to help any parent or senior adult moving with you experience an easy and smooth move. And may you all enjoy a long, good life in your new home sweet home.


Lara Taylor – Realtor/Broker


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