Moves to Make When Hiring Movers (part two)

Even if you chose the most honest, reputable mover with a great track record and good lara taylor charlotte real estate ncintentions, you still might have problems. No one is perfect – your mover included.  But what do you do when your mover makes a wrong move? Read on to find out…

Complaints and Questions?

Movers should be expected to respond promptly to complaints or inquiries from you, the customer. If you have a complaint or question about your move, try the mover’s local office first. That’s where you’ll find the people most knowledgeable about your job, as they handled the arrangements for your move and assigned the driver for your shipment.

If that doesn’t work, then call corporate. But be sure to have copies of all documents relating to your move available, including any reference numbers assigned to your shipment by your mover.

All interstate moving companies are required to maintain a complaint and inquiry
procedure to assist customers. Ask the mover’s representative for a description of that process in advance and it must include the following items:

1. A communications system allowing you to communicate with your mover’s principal place of business by telephone.
2. A telephone number.
3. A clear and concise statement about who must pay for complaint and inquiry telephone calls.
4. A written or electronic record system for recording all inquiries and complaints received from you by any means of communication.

Lost or Damaged?

Should your move result in the loss of or damage to any of your property, you have
the right to file a claim with your mover to recover money for such loss or damage.
You should file a claim as soon as possible.

While the Federal Government maintains regulations governing the processing of
loss and damage claims (49 CFR Part 370), it can’t resolve those claims. If you
can’t reach an agreement the mover, you may file a civil action to recover your
claim in court under 49 U.S.C. 14706.

In addition, your mover must participate in an arbitration program. An arbitration program gives you the opportunity to settle certain types of unresolved loss or damage claims and disputes through a neutral arbitrator. You may find submitting your claim to arbitration under such a program to be a less expensive and more convenient way to seek recovery of your claim. Your mover is required to provide you with information about its arbitration program before you move.

So, now that you’re a little more in the know, go find a mover and get moving!

Lara Taylor – Realtor/Broker
Twitter – @AskForLara


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