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Spring Cleaning – Not a Chore Anymore!

It’s “Spring Cleaning” time – a task that’s even more important when your home is for sale.  Cleaning a home from top to bottom is a big job, but since many hands make light work, why not make an annual … Continue reading

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The Closet Conundrum

What’s behind your front door isn’t all that matters when preparing a home for sale.  You can bet that prospective buyers will be opening every door in your home – including the closets!  And you’ll need to be ready for … Continue reading

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Moves to Make When Hiring Movers (part two)

Even if you chose the most honest, reputable mover with a great track record and good intentions, you still might have problems. No one is perfect – your mover included.  But what do you do when your mover makes a … Continue reading

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Moves to Make When Hiring Movers

You know when you’re moving.  You know where.  But do you know the answer to this question: Who?  Who will be packing and shipping your belongings?  If you haven’t chosen a moving company yet, I encourage you to read on … Continue reading

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Give It Away Now!

Whether you’re “de-cluttering” your home to get it ready to show or your packing for the big move to your new home, one thing is certain: you’ve got a lot of stuff that you just don’t need. An extra set … Continue reading

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Moving With Elderly Parents (Part 3)

Did you know that there are more than just The Ten Commandments in the Old Testament?  In fact there are more than 600! Your inter-generational family’s exodus will be an exciting, busy, and sometimes hectic day for everyone. But moving … Continue reading

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Moving With Elderly Parents (Part 2)

Moving to a new home often means having to part with items that it has taken years to accumulate.  Sorting and packing to move can be an especially hard and emotional process for anyone. And it can be even more … Continue reading

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