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The Closet Conundrum

What’s behind your front door isn’t all that matters when preparing a home for sale.  You can bet that prospective buyers will be opening every door in your home – including the closets!  And you’ll need to be ready for … Continue reading

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Moves to Make When Hiring Movers (part two)

Even if you chose the most honest, reputable mover with a great track record and good intentions, you still might have problems. No one is perfect – your mover included.  But what do you do when your mover makes a … Continue reading

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Moves to Make When Hiring Movers

You know when you’re moving.  You know where.  But do you know the answer to this question: Who?  Who will be packing and shipping your belongings?  If you haven’t chosen a moving company yet, I encourage you to read on … Continue reading

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Give It Away Now!

Whether you’re “de-cluttering” your home to get it ready to show or your packing for the big move to your new home, one thing is certain: you’ve got a lot of stuff that you just don’t need. An extra set … Continue reading

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Best Bets for Moving with Pets (Part 2)

Moving is stressful for any animal but it can be worse for household pets that never even venture outside. A move to a new home will effectively change their entire world! But taking a few of the following steps will … Continue reading

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Best Bets for Moving with Pets

Moving can be both exciting and scary for most people. For pets however, moving may elicit only fear. Whether it’s your dog or cat, a bird or a ferret, moving will mean having to get used to an entirely different … Continue reading

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Helping Your Kids Spell Sweet Success in Their New Home

What do move and love have in common — three letters and the fact that one makes the other SO much easier.  A loving, understanding approach to moving can help your children arrive at their new home in a way … Continue reading

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